I Wanna Hear You Be Brave

Awhile ago, I believe it was when I was in Ohio with Daddy, a dear friend sent me the link to Sara Bareilles’s music video Brave. I loved it!

I’d probably heard it before but I didn’t listen to the radio much so it felt new to me. It was really uplifting and meant so much that someone would care enough to send me that particular song.

I’ve listened to it again numerous times when I need a pick-me-up. The other day I pulled it up on my desktop computer and played it loudly. Motivated by the song I danced around my messy, cluttered office in what space I could find.

I laughed to myself as I thought I should loop Brave and play it on my entire drive to L.A.

It got me thinking–I am going to create a special playlist for the road trip!

As much as I am looking forward to this new adventure, times are likely to be challenging. And music is a great way to summon the courage to drive forward even when I might be a little afraid.

Of course I have my own ‘reliables’ of songs that over the years I’ve loved listening to and crank them up whenever I hear them and belt them out along with the music.

However, moving to L.A. is a big time of transition and growth, so just like being introduced to Brave, this would be a great opportunity to expand my listening repertoire as well.

Though the actual strength and actions have to come from within me, the inspiration can come from…you.  Because you have favorites, I know you do.

I’m reaching out to ask you: What are some of your go-to songs? What is something my playlist absolutely needs? What melody can I not drive to L.A. without? What tune is going to get me through the ‘moment’ when I need it?

I would really like your suggestions. What song gets your heart pumping? Lifts your spirits? Makes you feel invincible?

And sometimes we need an emotional release, so if you have a ballad or other that does that for you, bring it on!

Don’t presume I know any of the ones you are thinking of sharing. Even if I’ve heard it, I might have forgotten about it.  It would mean so much to me to have a playlist created by songs other people have recommended–when I hear them, I’ll think of you.

So bring on your favorites and type them in the comments! All genres welcome!

Don’t hold back, I want to hear you be brave! And that will in turn give me more courage on this journey.


In Case

There it is! Yes, exactly where I left that thing-a-muh-bob I complete forgot I had, and have probably purchased three of since packing this one away in a bin and putting it in storage underneath boxes of holiday decorations, stacks of books, old receipts and papers from 2011, and what-not because…well, just in case.

Although for my initial drive to Los Angeles I will be leaving behind any home goods and pretty much only taking a carload of clothing, my sweetheart is moving his studio into our home, and really because it is past due anyway, we are really trying to purge items we realize we are not likely to ever use. We were not diligent when we combined households a couple of years ago. We shoved bins back into corners and crammed picture frames and books into every possible space in our storage. And piled this partially crushed box of keepsakes on top of that crate of old VHS tapes.

As we are sorting, it is interesting how some things there is no way I am going to part with, like the wooden rocking horse my grandpa made, and the faithful classic Tupperware Mix-N-Stor mixing bowl with the lid long gone and the ink worn off from a million washings after Daddy would use it to make so many pancakes and birthday cakes over the years. I haven’t felt like baking much in the past couple of years, so I’ve kept it in the box it arrived in when I shipped it from Daddy’s house.

And on the other hand, some items I take one glance and burst out, “Donate!”

I say it quickly, and with as much assurance as I can so I can’t walk back on it and consider for even a moment that I might reconsider.

“No, MaryLee, back away from the exercise ball.  Set it back down on the donation pile and step back.”

I’ve been told several times, and have read in countless places, and am very aware, that when you move excess out of your life, you make room for that which truly matters.

But so much easier said than done when you aren’t doing what you love. Lost, grieving, and overwhelmed, I’ll find myself clinging to things. And not only clinging to that which I already have no room for at home, but even clinging to the hunt of new items in hopes that this one pair of shoes, or this one book, or this one antique mirror, or this one bracelet will be what changes my life and gives me the courage to transition my world.

I’ve probably said it here before, but this time I’m living it at this moment, and no thing is going to be what gets me out into the world and embracing my passion for storytelling in the film and television industry. That push is coming from within.

My sweetheart and I look at all we have accumulated and worry a little where everything he needs to bring from his studio and what I am keeping here will all go.

At the same time, I’m not worried. Yes, there are things I would like to keep, but even with the bunches of things we’ve already sold or donated, I feel the release, I feel the space, the energy.  And in that space I feel the excitement build for the adventures ahead.

Ultimately, there is room for what matters. Like a Tupperware bowl filled with memories that I’ll eventually bring with me, and because I’ll have cleared room for the life I’m meant to lead, I just might be inspired to bake pancakes or a cake…just in case.


Crossing Paths

It isn’t always easy for me to speak up and ask for things. However, if I’m going to find my way in the big, manic city of Los Angeles, I know I need to overcome any timidity around approaching others for assistance with things I need, if they’re able to help.

I’ve been working on losing the fear of reaching out to people to ask for anything since I made the decision to move. One person I contacted is an awesome woman, Yulia, who I met in 2011 when our films both showed at a film festival in Texas. Though she lived on the east coast when we met, I’d noticed at some point along the way she’d moved to L.A.

I sent Yulia a message awhile back and upon reading the news and my asking for leads she let me know she had moved back to New York. However, in a very short time I saw she had posted on her Facebook page, with me tagged, a mention of my going to L.A. and asking if any of her friends out there knew of any production gigs or housing opportunities. It was exciting to have it ‘out there’ and for it to extend beyond my own group of friends.

Then she took it a step further. Turns out another filmmaker she knows, Heather, was in the process of leaving New York and moving to L.A.  So Yulia introduced us in a direct message.

I said ‘hello’ and asked Heather in a reply whether she had work lined up and if she knew where she was going to live when she arrived.  Heather responded a couple days later that she was staying with friends.

Looking on her FB page I saw she mentioned her upcoming departure and a couple of cities she would be in.

Turns out, on her drive across the country, she was attending screenings of her movie, Inside You in different cities. Making a feature-length film is a huge feat so I was happy to meet someone who obviously is motivated, driven, and making it happen for herself.

Wow! Not only making a full-length film, but to have it show all over the country.

Then I noticed on the movie’s site that one of the screenings was in Boulder! I shot a message back letting her know that I lived about 20 minutes from where the Boedecker Theater is, where Inside You is screening.

Talk about coincidence!

A couple of weeks later, I arrived at the theater early to make sure I got a good seat.  As much as I love watching movies in general, it is particularly enjoyable when I know I am going to meet the director. I have so much respect for anyone who accomplishes art they set out to create. There are so many factors, internal and external, that can put a halt to a project. So for this woman to have made her film, I was thrilled for her.

After the screening, Heather stood in front for a Q&A where she shared much of her experience making the film from casting to budget to the usual suspects of challenges.

Once the Q&A was over, I approached Heather in the lobby where she was with a friend of hers who is a comedienne and who had been on part of the journey with her but would be returning to New York soon.  The three of us chatted for a bit about the film and making movies and creating art whether it is on the screen or on the stage.

Something I’d noticed on Heather’s profile is that she is a sound mixer/boom operator. That is the kind of skill that can get people work. I mentioned to her that I respected that because it is a tangible skill she can market in L.A. and the sound person is an extremely necessary crew member on any film.

My strongest talent is directing and everybody wants to be a director.   At the end of L.A. Story, the light-up sign board on the freeway that’s been communicating with Steve Martin’s character says, “But I really want to direct.”

Heather offered that when I am out in Los Angeles, too, we could get together and brainstorm ideas for me to find my way in.  This woman I’d barely met was offering to get together to think up opportunities for me.  And I only knew her due to the generosity of another woman I hardly know taking a moment to send each of us a message online and connect us.

If I hadn’t reached out to Yulia, I wouldn’t likely have met Heather, and that would be one less woman I would know in L.A. who may just be one of the connections that I need to find my start there.  The movie business is all about connections, recommendations and leads from others.  It’s considered a pretty small town when it comes to working in the biz.

I am proud to announce that as of today, my new friend’s film is available on iTunes and Amazon and I’d recommend it.  It’s a smart, fun film that isn’t just in the typical Hollywood mold, but has a voice–Heather’s voice.

We are all on our wonderful journeys.





Do You Call That a Post?

This morning I thought I would do a bunch of work at home. I was excited to organize my wardrobe, sort through paperwork, accomplish so much that it would be really rewarding when I go to bed tonight.

I just couldn’t get into it. Instead of being able to buckle down and get anything done, I kept pondering what time I should go write my blog. After all, I committed to one a day, so that is an obligation.

It seemed then that I should go write the blog–no matter how much I’ve tried, I don’t get writing done at home, so I knew I’d have to go somewhere else. It would be written, off my plate, off my mind, and I could go home and tend to some of the many tasks awaiting me there like listing items on eBay to earn money for my move to L.A.

There.  Good.  Decided.

After finally figuring what to wear, and throwing a spare pair of clogs in a bag in case the shoes I had on became uncomfortable, I got out the door.

I walked toward my Subaru with keys in hand, then gave a little chuckle when I remembered it still needs a new clutch. I went over to my sweetheart’s Volvo that he said I could borrow until mine is repaired, and got in.

Heading over to the town next to ours to a coffee shop, I was very aware I was in someone else’s car. To be honest, the seats in his car are a little more comfortable than in mine, plus they’re heated, and it is kind of a nice break driving an automatic for a change. So though it was a pleasant experience driving, I was very aware I was in another person’s vehicle as opposed to mine.

Knowing I was going to be near a Tuesday Morning store, before going to write I decided to run in and pick up some Woolite At-home Dry Cleaner sheets I’d been wanting to get for a couple of weeks.  No big deal. Take a minute.  If that.

Turns out they didn’t have them. But instead of leaving the store when I found that out, I meandered up and down several aisles. However, it wasn’t long before I began to feel uncomfortable. I presumed it was because I know I have no need, and no money, to be shopping right now. I set down the OPI nail polish I knew I would use maybe once before it would end up in the makeup bag of abandoned polishes, and headed out.

Time to write.

Entering one of my go-to coffee shops, I was disappointed to see none of my favorite spots available. Only a couple of tables were open. Knowing my computer had about two-percent power, I observed neither had an outlet near them. So I turned around and left.

Back in my car, or rather, my sweetheart’s car, I shook off the idea of going home. But yes, it did cross my mind. I just wasn’t feeling ‘it’ when it came to writing. I wasn’t feeling ‘it’ about anything.

Pushing on to another location, the dining section of Whole Foods, I told myself that there I would get something healthier to eat or drink than at a coffee shop anyway.

Turns out, I apparently think a big slice of cheese pizza is better for me.

At least I had a table where I could charge my laptop while I wrote my blog post.

Not certain what today’s blog topic was going to be, as soon as I had eaten my pizza, I tried a couple of different options. Subjects I knew I wanted to write about at some point, topics I wanted to touch on…

However, everything seemed to meander. All my thoughts.

I hadn’t been there that long though, when I felt the whole floor vibrate. I looked over my shoulder to watch as the raised platform section I was seated on was being taken over by a group of young girls wearing soccer uniforms and eating ice cream cones.

Even my headphones couldn’t keep out the distraction as I felt the reverberation from the floor up through my chair.  Not wanting to deal with the chaos around me, I packed up my things and left.

Again I contemplated turning toward home.

Since I wanted to run in the grocery store that would definitely have Dryel, the more costly version of dry cleaner sheets,  I opted to take care of that errand.  Fine, all good. One thing done.

Okay, now really, time to write.  This time I mean it.

With the one to-do checked off my list, and back in the car again, I thought about my writing location options.

I leave in two weeks. In about 14 days I will be on the road. That part of my journey will have started. And I have so much to do. I can’t be wasting time doing anything other than getting ready for L.A.

And here I was, struggling to write. Creativity was not coming.  Nowhere felt right to go. Nothing felt like it was what I wanted to be doing.

I took a breath. A visual came to me.

I ran back into the store and got a bottle of water. This time that I got in the car I knew exactly where I was heading.

I pulled into the parking lot by a lake where I’ve come before to unwind.

Okay, I was here. Now what?

A girl jogged by with her cute little dog on a leash.

“It’s so nice out, I should walk around the lake. Ah, but I don’t have the right shoes,” I thought to myself. “Besides, I have to get this done and go home to do work.”

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, I turned on my laptop and tried revising and building one of my earlier blog posts. I was sure if I could just get inspired and type quickly I’d have enough battery power.

Unfortunately, the words didn’t come fast enough. As I tried to ‘save’ a draft of something I wasn’t crazy about but was glad it was something, the computer screen went blank.

I stared at the screen. Then I sat there and stared out at the lake through the windshield. That was it.

I whipped out the clogs I mentioned earlier that I’d brought and put them on. I picked up my phone, then tossed it back into my purse on the floor. I locked up the car and took off for a walk around the lake.

At one point I stopped in the shade. I  closed my eyes and took several breaths and tried to think–what really was the problem? I have so much to do, and very little time left before I leave.

I opened my eyes and before I’d taken no more than a couple of steps along the trail it occurred to me. I paused again for a moment.

There is no problem!

Ever see The American President? President Andrew Sheppard (Michael Douglas) in his big speech at the end says, “I was so busy trying to keep my job, I forgot to do my job.”

I was so busy thinking about doing work, that I wasn’t allowing myself to simply be.

On that walk around the lake I was aware that regardless how most of the day went, I was never really exasperated. I could honestly say that much of the anxiety about leaving has turned to excitement about going and being.

Yes, I’ll be working hard. And some days will be more challenging than others. But no matter where I would live and what I would do there are challenges. If there is one thing I’ve learned at my age (yes, I just said that!) is that a lot of people work hard. And many of them are working hard at jobs they resent or in the least find unfulfilling. They might even feel these jobs prevent them from feeling like themselves. But, they are in the responsible state of working. I’ve been there.

What I appreciated about my realization is that it isn’t a huge explosion of fireworks of excitement as though I have to jump and scream to the extreme. It is subtle, genuine. The natural next step in my life.

Sure, I’ll need to make do at times, like wearing clogs on a dirt trail. And of course I’ll sell what I can to earn a few bucks over the next couple of weeks. But really, is there any amount of money that would be enough? Doesn’t matter.

I’m going to Los Angeles to be. And that feels very comfortable.

One Woman’s Treasures

Thank you so much to the women who came to my clothing sale at my house today and purchased some goodies.

I was happy to see some items find new homes, those shoppers got good deals, and every bit of income helps as I inch closer and closer to LA!

My friend, Heather, was so sweet, she came to hang out and help me during the sale. It was nice to get that time with her, though a few more interruptions of people coming to buy would have been welcomed, too!

While it’s true there wasn’t a big turn-out today, I am grateful to meet the people who did attend the sale. And I learned something! Did you know if you put on really thick socks, put your feet into shoes or boots that are tight, then spread your toes out as much as possible to try to expand the shoes while aiming a blow dryer on them, you can stretch the shoes?

A pair of boots I love that felt fine at the store when I purchased them–gulp, was that really two years ago?–were tight when I got them home and tried them out again. So I still haven’t worn them! I like them so much and was really bummed that I just haven’t been able to get them to stretch. I even considered selling them on eBay, but I never could part with them. I am so trying this remedy!

jeffmlThen, it was so fun when I opened up the door to walk out with a couple people (same woman who gave me that awesome tip) and who should be walking up my driveway but Jeff, a friend I know from the University of Cincinnati who also lives in Colorado. He came out to Lyons to wish me well on the journey! We’ve both been here awhile but have only seen each other once, so it was great to catch up with him and all he has going on in his life.

Another awesome customer was kind to take a picture for us.

As nice as today was, this afternoon my sweetheart and I were talking, and because where we live is a fairly remote location and most of the passing traffic is headed to Rocky Mountain National Park to see fall foliage, and not buy shoes or hats, tomorrow is not likely to get any better shopping traffic, so we decided there might be a better use of my time as the days narrow between now and my departure date.

Heather so kindly offered that I could have a sale at her place in Boulder, which gets a lot more drive-by traffic, and because I still have a bunch of wonderful items and really can use the money for my adventure, I think I’ll take her up on that offer! If you wanted to come out this weekend and didn’t make it, stay tuned and I’ll let you know the details of next Saturday’s sale.

To be honest, I was a little discouraged this morning when it was an hour after the sale started and I hadn’t had a single person come in and buy anything. When Heather arrived I was glad to see her, but felt bad that she’d driven out to Lyons to help and there wasn’t anything to do since there were no customers.

And though I kept looking out the window waiting for someone to show, it was nice to be able to hang out and gab in person like she and I won’t be able to do when I’m in LA.

Between getting to chat with Heather, having an old college friend I rarely see show up, and girl talk with some cool women about how to salvage tight-fitting shoes, turns out today was less about getting ‘stuff’ out the door than it was about time with the special people who came through the door.

Now that’s something I can treasure.

It’s time to go blow dry my boots!

The Storyteller’s Closet

One of the most daunting parts of the transition my sweetheart and I currently have going on, is that we both are needing to downsize. Him, because with me leaving and that freeing up the need for living space, he is going to save money from renting a studio and work from home. So, he is selling a ton of photography and musical equipment.

And me, I have so much clothing that I love but never wear, or that I have intentions to sell on eBay. Some are items from friends who don’t have the patience to sell, so they give to me to sell at a profit to help make some income.

So much has accumulated that it has overrun my changing room/office space since I moved here.

Finding the exact sweater I’m looking for when I want to wear it? Not happening unless I have at least 15 minutes to dig. And by the end of that, what was originally a pile is now a scattered mess.

Sitting in the cozy, upholstered chair on the other side of the room to meditate and journal like I cherished doing in the morning? Forget about it. At least not without risking twisting an ankle as I stretch my leg trying to step over the heap of tops and jeans next to the mountains of paperwork needing to be sorted and filed.

And I have a great dry erase calendar on the wall that could be so helpful to me, especially with all the things I currently have going on as I prepare for my journey.

When I can actually reach it to write on it, that is.

Don’t get me wrong, I admit to my addiction to boots, purses, and watches, a condition that I inherited from my mother. And most of those that are in my wardrobe, especially the boots, are worn with appreciation.

But what about all the piles and bins of blouses that don’t quite button right? Skirts that are cute but just don’t look good on me? Shoes that I love but never reach for because I have something similar?

Feeling overwhelmed in recent weeks, as I need to turn much of this into cash, I gave thought to how I could have let this depressing clutter happen.

I’ve come to the realization that when I feel lost or somber, I’ll often turn to food for comfort. When I’m feeling this way, chocolate-covered cream-filled donuts don’t stand a chance near me.

However, having dealt with overeating much of my life, I know what that does to my body. And particularly being menopausal, binging on sugar takes an even nastier toll creating mood swings and loading on the weight. And I want to avoid putting any more strain on my body.

So an alternative is comfort shopping. Heck, I figure, if I’m strolling through the aisles at Nordstrom Rack, bending down to try on shoes, not only am I not stuffing my face with chocolate cupcakes, I’m actually burning calories!

Besides trying to fool myself into thinking shopping like this is any healthier than washing a dozen chocolate chip cookies with 1% milk down my throat, I also realized, I have a thing for hats and other clothing and accessories that I feel will give me a ‘look’.  So I purchase them hoping to have a place to wear that ‘look’. But as it often happens, they are left on a hook or a hanger where they remain with the promise of me stepping out of my classic comfort zone and putting together a unique outfit, only to be tried on countless times with the tease of ‘maybe today’, and only to be thrown back on the hook, or worse, tossed onto the top of a pile on the floor.

And this leaves me with all the wonderful apparel, bags, and shoes–some items with the tags still on–that could be appreciated by someone who will wear them.

Since I’m leaving in only a couple of weeks, I don’t have a ton of time to list each item individually on eBay or other online sale sites, but I can’t afford to donate it all. I need money for this move. So this weekend I’m going to have a sale, a women’s clothing and accessories sale!

As an avid discount shopper, and one who is too often about the hunt for an amazing deal, I have thought before about opening a consignment shop. I can appreciate the desire for designer brand clothing, high-quality maker items and certain appealing styles but not wanting to, or not being able to, shell out the expense.

So for two days, I’ll get to have my consignment/thrift store!  In the living room, with invitations to local friends and neighbors to stop by and shop.  And good prices!  Wish me luck!

Somehow I’m Neither Here Nor There

Two and a half weeks. That’s how long (or short) until I pack up my Subaru Forester and begin the journey to LA.  It’s been an event-filled time since I originally posted that I was going out west to wholly pursue making movies.

Between Houston and Puerto Rico suffering natural disasters, the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, I’ve had my share of ‘wtf’ days where I didn’t want to get out of bed.  Tom Petty’s death hit me hard too.

The lyrics to Runaway Train have been going through my mind every day since the news that Petty wasn’t well and then passed away within hours. Thus the appropriate title of this article since it is my current ‘place’ as I attempt to balance my present responsibilities in Colorado in preparation for leaving, with wanting to do as much as I can before I arrive in LA to make a place for myself there through sending out word and making connections to find production opportunities.

(Darn, all this time I thought Runaway Train was by Tom Petty, but it’s Soul Asylum–and the link is now corrected.)

But as much as I want to stay under the covers with the terrible events, there is too much to do. I’m going to another state where the only things I know for sure are that I have a place to stay for two weeks when I get there in early November, and that I am really doing this ‘thing’!

Besides, not all recent events have been sad. My niece, who is also my goddaughter, and her sweetheart were married in a beautiful ceremony in Cincinnati. Afterward we all celebrated at a wonderful reception. It was a fantastic weekend in my hometown with family and friends I don’t see often.

Of course I had to hit the required eateries of LaRosa’s, Skyline, and Graeters. And it was especially fun to spend an evening with my dear cousin, and friend, Stefanie, who is a whole day younger than me.


It’s more fun eating Graeter’s at an actual location and with my wonderful we-were-born-one-day-apart cousin!

I have no idea when the last time was that she and I were able to really chill and chat about anything and everything. It was awesome! And going for a scoop of Raspberry Chocolate Chip and a dip of Salted Caramel in a dark chocolate-dipped waffle cone. YUM!

Then there have also been the bittersweet times like my last day of work last week. I guess that could be considered my first official Colorado ‘good-bye’.  In the morning as I went about my tasks for the final time I could occasionally feel tears begin to form in my eyes, but they never ran.

Around noon my manager told everyone it was lunch time and corralled us into the conference room where it was all set up for a pizza party. It made me laugh inside when we sat around the big table eating our pizza from Oskar Blues and with everyone sharing their California stories, and I realized I know less about living in Los Angeles than any of them.  Yet this party was all for me.

Later that afternoon as each person said their farewell wishes to me, surprisingly, I did not cry.  As sensitive as I am, I was shocked I didn’t sob as I hugged each of them good-bye, no clue when I’d see them again.

That evening, at home, it occurred to me why I hadn’t cried my eyes out. It is really happening. I am going. My lifelong dream–I am on my path to the west coast.  To the Golden State!

And that’s a good thing- a journey to embrace!

The reality is, it certainly is difficult leaving a day job with people I care about for a life out west filled with great unknowns.

Regardless, through good times, bad times, and in-between, the clock continues to count down until the end of October when I leave the little town of Lyons, Colorado, at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park where I live with my sweetheart, and venture into a life filled with…well, who knows what it will be filled with? Not me. And I find that exhilarating.

See, I thrive on change. I’m saddest when I feel trapped. And unfortunately I have felt that way on and off for a while now, which is why I probably haven’t been writing here.

I won’t know it’s happening and then suddenly a blockade of doubt seeps in and freezes my body to the point I don’t want to leave the house. Fear wraps around me tightly until I have trouble breathing and I question every thought I have about leaving. And in that case, regardless of how many tasks there are to tend to in preparation for leaving here and going there, I’m not able to do anything but curl up on top of the neatly-made bed and pull the end of the comforter up over me.

I know going to LA is what I should do. I know this is a good thing for me.  Let fear go.  Embrace the change.  The wonder.  The possibilities.  Give up all control, and opportunities abound!

And I really am excited–not ready–but I am excited.

However, sometimes ‘Lefty‘ will scream, “Whoa! Are you nuts? We can’t go anywhere. We have too much ‘stuff’ going on. We have to stay put and remain surrounded in piles of unsorted clothes and other belongings and be fine settling for a life where we aren’t particularly happy, but we also aren’t taking any chances. The clutch in the car needs to be replaced–do you know how much that is going to cost? And don’t get me started on the cost of living out there. Never mind, I’ll get myself started–you don’t have enough money!”

Thank goodness for ‘Righty’. She sits back sometimes, not wanting to be overbearing, but when I open my heart, she is always there.

Hmm…maybe she doesn’t sit back, but perhaps I push her back there so I can stay fearful?

‘Whoa’ is right, but perhaps not what Lefty is thinking. Maybe I haven’t been giving Righty enough air time? What does she say?

‘This is a fantastic thing we’re doing. Picking up and moving beyond ‘dreaming’ and actually ‘doing’. And age shouldn’t matter, but let’s be real, in some regard it does. It is a big deal for a woman in her early 50’s to pack up her car and go in wholehearted pursuit of something she hasn’t had the courage to do her entire life. And now, we’re doing it!

There will be challenges. Those are learning opportunities. And you know how much we love learning. Remember when we went back as an undergrad at the age of 38? We sat in the front row in the classroom with 19 and 20-year-olds, participated in class discussion, found how empowering it felt to do assigned reading and homework, and particularly welcomed writing assignments.’

‘Welcomed writing assignments’?

That’s right!

One of the things that has most allowed me to feel strong and empowered is honoring this blog when I write consistently, my own writing assignments, and breathe into my creativity. And I am so inspired when I hear back from those of you who have your own thoughts to share.

So in order to keep my soul open to the amazing experiences ahead, and actually at this moment, because it is about the journey, and to prevent blockage, I’m going to commit to writing a blog post every day for the next 30 days. From now until Friday, November 10th.

Pack your bags! Lefty and Righty, you’re coming with- I need you both!

And you, my readers, supporters, friends.  No matter how small a post, or how big a moment I experience, I’m bringing you on the journey!

Westward Ho!