A Plethora of Gratitude

Today I was on my feet almost the entire day, talking to people and enjoying meeting some of our clients in person who, until today, I’ve only emailed with or spoken to on the phone.

In the early evening I had a dinner break during which I was able to step outside the hotel and go get a bite to eat with a woman I met last year and with whom I’ve stayed in touch.

After dinner she had leftover pizza and said she was going to share it with a homeless person. As we left the restaurant I pointed out a man sitting hunched over, looking like he could use a warm gesture from someone today. He barely moved when she offered him the bag.  He slowly reached out for the bag.

We then walked back to the hotel and went to the opening reception of our conference, and hung out at the event until it was over, then parted ways for the night.  It was so nice to have made a friend last year at this time, and be able to get together and spend time with each other catching up.

A lo-o-o-o-o-ng day. But a pleasant one. My body is tired and aching.

Day 14:

Today, I am extremely grateful to be able to spend time with a long-distance friend, for small acts of kindness, and now for the comfortable bed I have to get some much-needed sleep.



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